What is a Masters in Educational Leadership?

Becoming a leader in the school system can give you the opportunity to create change. A school leader also has more power to influence a students opportunity to learn, and supports the process more effectively. Receiving such a degree can inspire professionals to grow and improve their skills.

A program in educational leadership prepares professionals with the knowledge and skills to serve their communities. This type of degree encourages individuals to work toward the success of every single student under their jurisdiction. Making sure students have access to quality education for personal development and successful futures.

This type of degree program works primarily around a few basic principles. School leaders have the obligation to serve all students equally. The new theory centers around student-centered leadership and the power this has on a student’s ability to succeed.

This type of program prepares school principles and administrators to become instructional and curriculum leaders. The emphasis is not only on the curriculum, but also on the ability of every student to succeed. This type of program empowers candidates with the skills they need to develop student’s interests in critical thinking skills like reading and writing.

Candidates in masters in educational leadership program develop their understanding of their responsibility to their students. The aim is to help traditionally marginalized students, or those who struggle, learn in the most effective ways possible. The emphasis on helping these students succeed is placed on giving them equal access to resources that have traditionally available to other groups of students.

Excel With Masters In Education Online

Do you want to work in a profession that takes into account the future of several people? Do you want to be a part of the changes that are undergoing society today? Teaching is a profession that can influence people even beyond the classroom. In fact, it can totally alter the lives of people in ways that have a lasting effect.

Joining this profession requires that you are properly equipped with the right tools of communication and knowledge so that you can enhance your method of teaching and produce better results in your students. You can do this with a Masters in Education online degree.

The Result Appears Beyond the Classroom

It’s very heartening to know that your efforts will not only result in better grades for your students. It’s more than that. It’s about influencing your community’s future leaders and future workers. It’s even possible that one of the bright eyed young students under your tutelage would become the President later on.

To achieve the best results, you must ground yourself in a firm foundation. That firm foundation comes with a well rounded background in communication theory, language, the arts and more. The Masters degree that you’ll be getting should not be seen as an automatic upgrade of your ability to teach. Your performance and ability to teach is entirely up to you.

Nor should it be seen as just a means to give you a higher pay grade. Getting a Masters in Education online is an admission that you could do better. It is a realization that you can aspire for more. More importantly, it is an acceptance of the truth that your students can do better – if you teach better.


Today, one of the challenges besetting teachers is a burgeoning culture of indifference by students. Students in the US nowadays are uninspired and are content in just attending school because it is their obligation. Your Masters in Education online degree, will tackle this and other specific concerns on a level wherein innovative solutions could be derived.

The programs being offered by the University of Cincinnati aim to arm the teacher with specialist knowledge to prepare them for a competitive future. Whether you want to become a Teacher Leader, a Special Education teacher, TESOL teacher, or a Math Specialist, the program aims for greater specialization to cater to the different needs of children today.

A Masters of special education degree for instance, can demonstrate methodologies that deliver results even under the most trying circumstances. It’s a tacit acceptance of the reality that there are many types of children with different needs but who also have potential if they are guided accordingly.

With a Masters in Education online degree, you will be prepared for the difficult task of orienting today’s youth about the difficult world they are now living in. It’s not an exaggeration to say that the future is in your hands.

Masters in Education Programs in West Virginia

First off the amount of Universities in West Virginia is astounding. You will find Masters Degree programs in cities ranging anywhere from Philippi, WV, all the way to Buckhannon, WV. There really is no best way to decide on what college is right for you and I felt like it was something left up to the reader to decide for themselves. There are 4 different mindsets people use to make decisions like these, and in this article I really have no way to try and persuade you to go to any one school. So with that being said lets get into what schools are in the West Virginia area and then maybe later on you will have a better idea on where you think would be a good place to get educated.

Starting from A to Z and this certainly isn’t a complete list of schools, but from the research I have gathered at this time it seems to be a nice start:

First there is the Alderson Broaddus College, and they are located in the city of Philippi WV. They provide students with a Masters Degree who are interested in majors like: English, History, Math, and Science. There is the Bethany College and there located in the city of Bethany WV. Bethany only offers Arts majors.

Next is the University of Concord located in Athens WV. Concord offers a wide range of Masters education options like:

Admin, Adult Education or Higher, Counseling or Psych, Social Studies or History, Science, Health and/ Physical Education, Special Ed, and Reading.

Fairmont State University located in Fairmont, WV is a huge education provider and the list is so extensive that I am pretty sure it covers any major you are interested in majoring in.

Than there is Marshall University located in Huntington WV. Marshall is mainly a Business, Psychology, Reading, and Special Education provider.

Salem International University located in Salem, WV is a Masters Degree School with programs for: Masters in Education, and Masters in Business Administration.

Next we have Shepherd University and they are stationed in the city of Shepherdstown. Shepherd offers programs in everything you can think of lol or just about.

West Liberty University is located in the city of West Liberty what do you know the name of the city. West Liberty offers a single master program for Instructional Technology.

West Virginia University is located in Morgantown and offers master degree programs in almost every major you can think of.

West Virginia Wesleyan College is located in Buckhannon WV. They offer English, History, Math, Science, Special Ed, Physcial Ed.

So that about covers the selection of Universities in West Virginia. I hope you find the right education and career path!

Online Masters in Education – A Degree That Is Designed for Teachers

Teaching is considered as a noble profession, since it is this one which helps build the foundation of education in a person’s life. No person can become a good professional without the basics of a good education. Many students aim to become teachers and for this they need to build up good teaching and interacting skills.

A thorough knowledge of a subject isn’t enough to make a good teacher. One needs to have good teaching skills so that the students follow and understand the concepts clearly and easily. There are a lot of courses available for the same however; the online Masters degree in Education is the perfect thing to choose since it gives one the choice to earn while learning.

Getting jobs is definitely not an easy task and hence people who have a good job wouldn’t want to quit it just to get themselves a higher degree. An online degree in Education is just apt for people who are already working and want to upgrade their skills as well as earn a Masters degree.

The benefits of this online Masters degree are that it allows one to work and study according to their schedule and flexibility. The other advantages include attending classes from home and participating in the discussions online without having to attend college and from the comforts of their home. One can attend the classes online according to one’s convenience. Technology is growing everyday and hence one needs to keep themselves abreast with it. Education is soon catching up with the latest trends in technology and hence even the teacher should and must know them.

The various career options that one has in the field of education are many and varied. Thus one has to study a set of subjects and these would also include subjects like administration and counseling. One can also specialize in any one particular domain depending on one’s own interest.

The subjects covered under online Masters in Education include curriculum development and management, human resource management and instructional designing and technology. All these courses are designed to sharpen the skills of the candidate and give them a better perspective in their domain. All these also give the student a chance to experiment and learn leadership skills. A course like this helps the students prepare themselves for the current market state and condition.

There are a number of universities which are now offering a Masters course in Education online, however, one must check for it accreditation before applying for the same. One should also check for the credit and grading system before applying for any such course online. It is also essential to check for the authenticity of the course since there are many fraudulent websites that lure students and then dupe them. Hence checking for the details is extremely important. Masters in Education is a very good course since it will enable one to also earn a higher pay once the degree is got. At the same time one can also look forward for promotions.

Masters of Education Degrees – How Do I Choose?

Selecting a Masters of Education program might seem a tad overwhelming. There is a great deal of contemplation when jumping into this decision. Thankfully, it is quite simple to uncover some strategies that can assist you with the process. Listed below, are 7 “areas to consider” that can help guide you through this unique journey.

The initial step might be to choose whether a web-based (online) or perhaps an on-site campus program is right for you. With continuously expanding technology, the options for completion of education programs are amazingly broad. Numerous schools tend to be providing students, who’re planning for a Masters of Education degree, a choice of getting classes online. A web-based Masters of Education program offers overall flexibility for that student. This option allows you to preserve a job and also take classes. All scholars like the online Masters in Education program since it also provides great freedom in terms of time (when you actually complete course work).

Masters of Education come in several forms, but the most common three include a Master of Disciplines in Teaching, Experts in Education, as well as Master of Science within Education (MSED). It is important you examine which degree is the best for you. Take time to explore the coursework and graduation requirements along with the job advantages for attaining the degree.

You might stumble across the terms generalists and specialists while researching. You need to decipher the particular variations and choose which most closely fits your educational needs. Generalist Masters in Education courses frequently cover an extensive selection of curriculum linked to general understanding of teaching and learning methodology. Generalist programs may also provide emphasis, thereby leading you in the direction of a particular career. A specialist degree is very specific. When deciding on a particular degree, for instance leadership (aka principal), you’d decide on this as you want to become a school or district administrator. The choice you make when selecting a degree, has an effect on the next step, which would be to select a major.

For most people, selecting the best major is vital while you sort out the Masters of Education process. Consider your individual passion when picking the path of specialist or perhaps generalist. You ought to bear in mind existing demands for several Masters in Training levels along with other ongoing needed certification.

Fortunately, you may come across numerous universities along with colleges that provide a Masters of Education degree. Start by picking 2-4 schools and think about a couple “logistics” questions to research. Examples include: What exactly is the institution noted for? Where’s the actual university situated? Do they really provide an on-line Masters of Education program? If so, how much writing is required (this can be a significant chunk of the coursework)? What is the school’s status? And lastly, and maybe most important, what is the price tag of my Masters of Education program?

Choosing certified or accredited programs is the best way to ensure that you are going to receive a high-quality program. Also this can open doorways for educational financing and potentially a long term career. Institutional accreditation might be divided up into about three groups: Regional, national, along with specialized certification. You should be certain your institution satisfies accreditation needs. Masters of Education and learning degree programs require a minimum undergraduate diploma from a certified institution. Each school holds its very own requirements and entry course of action. The average course of study should be around 45-60 hrs. to achieve the Masters in Education degree. Make certain to ask for an info packet when looking into each institution’s program. There may well be diverse prerequisites for each college/university. Even though a few requirements may be tighter when compared with the others that toughness might reflect a powerful Masters of Education program.

Three Benefits to a Masters in Education Online Program

1. Programs are Eligible for Federal Financial Student Aid

Now that the majority of universities offer a distance option for adult students who need added flexibility, online programs have finally gained the respect they deserve. The same money that was available when you were a new high school graduate is available today while you go after your masters in education online.

If you’ve maxed out your federal student loan limit, a quality school can help you with alternative lending programs. Fair payment plans, private lenders and scholarships can help meet your financial obligations. You may also be able to consolidate your existing student loans into a new one in order to continue your education.

2. Certain Teaching Professions Offer Forgivable Lending

If, upon completion of your masters in education online, you may be eligible to have a portion or all of your current loan balance erased. Getting certified in certain high need areas, or getting a job in locations where there is a shortage of qualified teachers is the key to this. Your state department of education should be able to help you identify these lending opportunities as they become available. This is true whether you’ve gotten your masters traditionally or through a distance education program.

3. Online Programs Allow for Group Settings & In-Class Student Teaching

Many people assume that a masters in education online consist solely of independent study. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Reputable programs have both solo and team work sessions, giving you a leg up in networking when it’s time to enter the work force. These opportunities also allow you to learn from others’ work experience, as well as share your own.

Why Obtain Masters In Education Online?

As Wisconsin’s public school teachers take to the streets to protest unfair government policies and budget cuts, many students who are thinking of getting Masters in Education online degrees are asking this question.

With unemployment at a high of 9%, it seems that getting a Masters is the last thing in everybody’s mind at the moment. However, there are many contrasting reasons that point otherwise.

Compelling Reasons to Get that Degree

Studies show that teachers who have post graduate qualifications are more than likely to save their jobs or get promotions. In fact, this has been incentivized in some states in order to encourage better teaching methods that would produce students who are better focused and will graduate with higher prospects for employment later on.

Furthermore, the US government predicts that the demand for teachers will reach over 1.7 million for the next ten years as it is currently hiring at a rate of 100,000 every year.

Despite concerns regarding news of massive layoffs and the potential shut down of government functions, teachers are vital to a growing economy. It’s unfathomable to hear of a society with no teachers to prepare the next generation for employment.

Race to the Top

The Obama Administration’s race to the top incentive program is derided by many as unfair and discriminative. Under the program, teachers with students who have less then stellar academic records could be evaluated negatively.

However, an alternative point of view would show that it should be an incentive for teachers to come up with creative ways in encouraging their students to perform better in school. The policy may be confronted in a way that would be proactive. If they haven’t thought about getting a Masters in Education online degree, then this policy is a greater reason for them to acquire the degree independently if the state will not provide for the tuition.

The Bottom Line

It’s just a fact of life that budget deficits and other economic matters can only be faced rather than pretend that they’re not there. It’s no easy task to be a teacher and it only comes with the territory that the one who is able to perform the best, would be the one who is passionate about his goals. A teacher who specializes in special education know fully well that a Masters of special education would arm him with the right tools to handle what was previously thought to be an impossible segment of the population to teach.

If the goal is simply to make money and not to teach, then it’s highly likely that they would fail.

In the end, your desire to get a Masters in Education online degree hinges on your desire to better yourself and your students. By doing so, you would be prepared and better equipped to handle the understandably difficult position that teachers are in nowadays. So, yes, the time for getting an advanced degree is now. Difficult times call for stronger measures and better innovation. No less than Bill Gates himself, underscores the importance of this very critical profession.